JUNE 9, 2024 – Kathy Redmond Dolls

Kathy Redmond Dolls
Kathy Redmond Dolls
Kathy Redmond’s early dolls were standard reproductions.
Souvenir dolls made by Kathy Redmond. Kathy used molds to make souvenir dolls rather than hand sculpting each one.
Kathy Redmond’s “Alice in Wonderland” was a 1991 luncheon souvenir from the Chesapeake Maryland Doll Club.
Little Traveler was a 1985 Region 12 souvenir.
Little Traveler’s companion doll at the Region 12 regional was the Nanny. Only 10 were made and she was modeled after Kathy Redmond’s mother.
Bridal Belles 1998 Region 9 souvenir showing the body construction. The graceful arms and hands are beautiful.
Hand sculpted, one of a kind dolls. No molds were used for these dolls, each was done by hand.
Hand sculpted doll

One of a kind Maypole or Flower girl doll.
Hand sculpted Medieval lady, Elenor and First Lady Martha Washington are sharing secrets.
Hand sculpted, one of a kind Queen Katherine of Aragon doll (Henry VIII first wife).
One of a kind, hand sculpted Victorian lady.